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JSC Vetrija is established in Alytus City, south Lithuania, in 1996. The company is engaged in processing and freezing of wild berries, garden berries, vegetables, exotic fruits and mushrooms. It provides product cleaning, packing and storage services. The products cleaned by the company are sold to the wholesale companies and shopping centres. Between 2004-2008 company was recognized as one of the fastest developing business. In 2009 project "Gazelė" the company was recognized the most successful and fastest growing company in the region. In 2010 company participated in  Germany and Baltic states chamber of commerce competition "Germany's awards in Lithuania 2010" theme "Success during crisis".

Gazelėpadėka vetrija  


Company‘s strategy:

The strategy is to intensify contacts with current partners and to look new at the same time seeking to meet their demands related to preparation of the products as well as assurance of product and service quality; to invest additional funds into development of new products and services and improvement of production technologies.

Company‘s Goal:

The goal is successful cooperation with partners and at the same time promotion of consumption of pure, healthy and ecological products. JSC Vetrija strives to become a leader among the Lithuanian companies which provides customers with high quality ecological products and meets supply and quality demands.



Company‘s partners in East: Belarus, Ukraine, Russia. Partners in West: market of EU.

Major goals:

To strengthen their position in the EU market by increasing the amounts and stock. To secure supply of stable quality products.

Company‘s Idea:

Healthy food - healthy life.

Values of JSC Vetrija:


  • Current and new customers are asset
  • Mutual benefit paves the way for good cooperation
  • Customer’s problems shall be solved in cooperation with customer
  • Investments into technologies
  • Observance of requirements of RVASVT (HACCP) and ISO standards
  • Observance of quality and food safety policies
Team work
  • Define work-sharing
  • Support of ideas proposed by the employees
  • Team of the company is appreciated
  • Knowledge and competence of the employees is important
  • Good work results are appreciated
  • Constant development
Striving for maximum results
  • Necessity of initiative
  • Each work can be accomplished even better
  • Even better results can be achieved
  • Long-term relations are very important
  • Company’s partners are appreciated
  • Employees appreciate the company
Clean environment
  • Healthy food - healthy life.
  • Company cares about nature and its resources
  • “Natural” is appreciated


JSC Vetrija Lankų str. 4
Alytus LT-62175, Lietuva
Tel.   +370 315 77100
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