Tasty - healthy - Easy!

Smoothies are the fastest growing product in non alcoholic drinks sector. Since 2005 the sales of smoothies in Europe increase in two-thirds every year. This very promising product sells itself!



Easy and convenient 

  • Never made from concentrates
  • Never pasteurized
  • All natural fruit
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives or flavourings
  • Low in calories

Within 24 hours after picking the fruit, we freeze it instantly, capturing all the nutriens and fresh taste. This way, the fruit actually contains more vitamins than most fresh fruit sold in stores.

This is the easiest way to eat 5 portions of fruit a day, which is recomended for healthier lifestyle.

1 smothie equals 3 portions of your 5-a-day.

  • Long storage life
  • Prepared just in 60 seconds
  • No need to wash, peal and cut fruit
  • Packed in single portioned bags of 125g
  • Can be prepared in a blender

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