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JSC Vetrija  your producer of frozen food products.

Berries: frozen blueberries, frozen cranberries, frozen lingonberries, frozen red/black currants, frozen strawberries, frozen sea buckthorn and many more.


Fruits: frozen cherries, frozen plums, frozen banana, frozen mango, frozen papaya, frozen peach, frozen apricot and many more.


Mushrooms: frozen porcini, frozen chanterelles, frozen bay bolete.


Vegetables: frozen broccoli, frozen cauliflower, frozen grean beans, frozen vegetable mix and many more.


JSC Vetrija priorities: fostering of traditions, processing of vegetables, mushrooms and berries according to the long-time traditions of Dzukija region, promotion of the consumption of forest goodies and organic products.


Environmentally-friendly. After evaluating the demand of consumers for natural organic products, the company orients itself into processing of organic products. It invests funds into devise modernization and performance of various quality researches.


Partners. One of the factors for company success is the long-term and trustworthy relationship with constant business partners. The company pays special attention to improving inter-communication, evaluation of clients’ needs and their satisfaction.


Refreshing frozen fruit SMOOTHIE. Read here.

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